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It's late night and I should be going to sleep. But yet I am here, typing and listening to John Mayer's Heartbreak Warfare. Originally, this post was going to be my first fan fic post. Somehow, I feel like I should post it later on. And trust me, it's not even a happy fan fic. Well, it's going to be either bittersweet or really dark. I seem to not be able to write happy endings. I've tried that before and I ended up deleting and rewriting all over again.

But the question is, why can't I ever write happy endings?

I have asked myself that question before and I haven't found the answers to it. So, I stopped looking for answers and back to writing. It's not that I hate happy endings. I enjoy reading happy endings. But I've got to admit, I tend to skip some parts. And of course, I simply skip not because they're badly-written fics. Most of them are really good. Then again, I always tend to stray away from happy endings. 

This is getting more and more ridiculous as I write. I'll end it here then. 

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