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I Am the Shell, I Am the Bone

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Welcome to my little page filled with my inner madness (trust me, it's not that scary) and endless imagination. Here you will find stories written by me, both fan fiction and non-fan fiction.

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2001: a space odyssey, afraid of monsters, amnesia: the dark descent, android, anime, anime music video, apocalypse, assassin's creed, astrophysics, bad jokes, being awesome (not really), black comedy, blackberry, bleach, blogging, cgi, cosplay, crossover, cry of fear, cryaotic, cryptozoology, dead space, deadpan humor, delicious food, deus ex machina, dmmd, doctor who, donnie darko, dramatical murder, dreamwidth, drive, electronic, elementary, fangirling, film noir, film score, folk, free!, free! iwatobi swim club, fullmetal alchemist, gadgets, gaia hypothesis, haikyuu, hannibal, horror, house of leaves, hp lovecraft, indie games, insidious, ios, junjou romantica, kafka on the shore, killing titans, knb, kuroko no basuke, late night, libraries, literature, man of steel, manga, marvel, marvel cinematic universe, mass effect, movies, multishipping, music, neon genesis evangelion, nintendo, nitro+ chiral, noragami, old movies, original fiction, ost, pacific rim, penumbra, philosophy, photography, planets, playstation, plot twist, portal, practical effects, psychology, reverse chronology, rock, roleplaying, sci fi, sherlock, sherlock holmes, shingeki no kyojin, shounen ai, snk, solving crimes, space, stanley kubrick, sweet pool, synthpop, taking pictures, talking to myself, technology, the avengers, the dark knight trilogy, the end of the world, the twilight zone, the x-files, there will be blood, time travel, togainu no chi, transformers, trying to be myself as much as possible, trying to make snapchat jokes but fail miserably, tumblr, tweeting, twitter, universe, video game music, video games, virtual reality, watching movies and tv. shows, windows phone, world war z, writing fanfic, writing stories
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