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2014-01-18 02:03 am
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Late night #1

It's late night and I should be going to sleep. But yet I am here, typing and listening to John Mayer's Heartbreak Warfare. Originally, this post was going to be my first fan fic post. Somehow, I feel like I should post it later on. And trust me, it's not even a happy fan fic. Well, it's going to be either bittersweet or really dark. I seem to not be able to write happy endings. I've tried that before and I ended up deleting and rewriting all over again.

But the question is, why can't I ever write happy endings?

I have asked myself that question before and I haven't found the answers to it. So, I stopped looking for answers and back to writing. It's not that I hate happy endings. I enjoy reading happy endings. But I've got to admit, I tend to skip some parts. And of course, I simply skip not because they're badly-written fics. Most of them are really good. Then again, I always tend to stray away from happy endings. 

This is getting more and more ridiculous as I write. I'll end it here then. 

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2014-01-14 10:49 pm
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Just a little introduction, maybe?

About me

Hello there, people of Dreamwidth. The name's James (I sometimes go by Isaac, Dante or "The Colossal Cutie"). 17yrs (as of now). Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Everything you've seen in Nicolas Winding Refn's "Only God Forgives" is even more accurate than what you've seen in "The Hangover Part II".

The Internet is my second home (people keep telling me school is my school home, which I beg to differ). Soon enough, the Internet itself would become my first home (that's just so impossible). I love eating good and delicious food, but the delicious part tend to be the first priority. I love spending the whole day on the endless world of the Internet. I also like writing stories, of which are mostly fan fiction. Reading, listening to music and watching anime are also what I like to do as well.

There are things I do like don't like. I like pretty much everything. What I don't like are betrayal and back-stabbing (I've been through it before. Too damn painful for me), insects (I don't care if it's beautiful or not. Just don't come near me), racism, homophobia and all of the bad things you can think of. Although, even though I hate them, I admit that I am not a 100 percent good person. I have demons within me. It's just that I try not to let them out for too much.

Well, I guess that's everything you need to know about me.